Open Saturday 20th November 2021 – Saturday 4th December 2021

Geeveston Art Show 2021

Winner - 3D

“An Ill Wind”

Lightwood Bottom Best In Show

“Surviving History’s Grasp”

People's Choice Award

Congratulations to Brian Looker for winning the People’s Choice Award for “Surviving History’s Grasp”

Introducing our special guests, Showcase Artists Jessica and Peter Priest

The Geeveston Art Show Committee are proud to welcome Jess and Pete Priest as Guest Artists. Their works are not submitted in competition but are available for sale. 

Jessica and Peter Priest are a husband and wife team who both share a passion for creating art by sketching and painting with acrylic paints.

Both Jess and Peter were both born and raised in Tasmania and they currently live in a lovely Town called Dunalley which is where Peter grew up.

Jess and Peter have a proud Aboriginal Heritage from the South of Tasmania and enjoy embracing their lives both “past” and “present”.

They enjoy creating art that other people enjoy, and are passionate about communicating through their work. They consider it an honour when others show an interest in their creations and want to have it in their home to share with family and friends.

Jess and Peter share their work through Facebook and have created a page called “Art from the Heart” located in Dunalley. They have found it to be a great experience meeting the wonderful people & fellow artists who have supported their work.

Jess and Peter are humbled by the experience of creating something that can give someone hope, faith, strength, company or even a memory through their work, and find it brings fulfillment in their life. They are delighted to have been invited to be Guest Artists at the Geeveston Art Show and are looking forward to sharing their creativity with the Huon Valley.