John Osborne – JDO Prints & Paint

Although having a love and appreciation of art from a very young age I did not begin my own Artistic journey until settling in Tasmania in 2007 aged 65. I was introduced to block printing techniques and more specifically linocuts by Geeveston Artist, Bronwyn Theobald. I became fascinated by the physicality and artistic style of linocuts and many other forms of block printing techniques including collagraphs, woodblock printing and Lino etching. In my work I like to explore such techniques as traditional black prints on both printing paper and hand made paper, pre-painted linocuts, jigsaw prints, multi-block prints, reduction linocuts and chine college linocuts. Although I still enjoy exploring the unique flora and fauna of Tasmania through my art, of recent times I find myself drawn to story telling through art. At present I am exploring aspects of Tasmanian life both past and present. I am also enjoying the spontaneity of Japanese style GYOTAKU printing.