The 2024 Geeveston Art Show will run from Saturday, April the 13th to the 27th and we can’t wait to see what the Artisans of the Huon have to offer.

Richard Stanley (Best in Show 2023)

Jillian O’Brien (People’s Choice 2023)

Henrietta Manning (Works on Canvas 2023)

Jill Edwards (Works on Paper 2023)

Ron Pugh (Committee’s Choice 2023)

Peter Rhodes (3D Works 2023)

Lisa Britzman (2023 Bronwyn Theobald Ceramics Prize)

Valeri Pain (2023 Sue Osborne Stone Pippin Textiles Award)

Rosemary Adler
Belinda Balmforth

Jo-Anne Bateman

Rosanne Bender
Allison Bone
Jack Braudis
Kati Bruton
Sujith Christie-David
Valerie Churchill
Sonja Cook
Emma Coombes
Heather Crisp
Sue Culph
Tom Davidson
Barry Dawson
Eva De Heer

Lysbeth Driessen

Emily Duggan

Libby Dyer

Jim Farley
Michael Farren
Megan Graham
Aaron Gray

Dee Handy
Shelley Hilder
Erin Ireland
Robert Jackson
Kerry Jacobson
Donna Kelly
Janine Koefoed

We regret we do not offer a photography division.

If you have any queries we’d love to hear from you:


Our Artists are all from the Huon; Painters, Sculptors, Textile Artists, Wood and Ceramics.

Robbie Lancaster
Lachlan MacLennan
Mary McLean
Gaye Merrylees
Marie Morgan
Aga Mouasher
Gabbi Nicholls
Nicola Oliver
Valerie Anne Poxton
Mark Poynter
Rosemarie Procter
Gillian Richards
Leonie Richards
Rossy Roberts-Thomson
Brian Robins
Maria Salomonsen
Liz Schmid
Glenda Stasse
David Stubbs
Bonnie Sveen
Sondra Taylor
Kylie van Klink
Jonathan Watson
Romy Wenzel
Celia Whitelaw
Christine Williams
Paul Wilson
Steven Wilson
Rob Winter


The 2024 theme for the Lightwood Bottom Best In Show is

Lux Vitae

Whether it’s that spark in someone’s eye, the morning sun bouncing off Adamson’s Peak, or sunset on the Huon, we are surrounded by light. Play with shadows, reflections or even the absence of light to make a statement and catch the judge’s eye.