The 2024 Geeveston Art Show will run from Saturday, April the 13th to the 27th and we can’t wait to see what the Artisans of the Huon have to offer.

The Geeveston Art Show Committee is always on the lookout for people who have a passion for the arts and their community.

If you think you’d like to be part of the management group for the 2024 Geeveston Art Show, please read the Expression of Interest, and feel free to call Trish on 0456 162 522 if you’d like to have a chat.

The 2024 theme for the Lightwood Bottom Best In Show is

Lux Vitae

Whether it’s that spark in someone’s eye, the morning sun bouncing off Adamson’s Peak, or sunset on the Huon, we are surrounded by light. Play with shadows, reflections or even the absence of light to make a statement and catch the judge’s eye.

The Geeveston Art Show is made possible by the generous donations of our patrons. If you would like to be a part of the 2024 Sponsorship Team, please contact us on We’d love to chat!


Our Artists are from all reaches of the Huon Valley. Painters, Sculptors, Textile Artists, Wood and Ceramics. We regret we do not offer a photography division.

Stay tuned for the entry form! If you have any queries we’d love to hear from you: