Currently based in the Far South of Tasmania, Anna has been working locally and internationally for over a decade. Since her graduation in 2011 from St. Petersburg Stieglitz Academy of Art and Design she has been working on commissions, exhibitions and personal creative projects in Europe, Russia, Australia, Turkey and China.

Since moving to Tasmania with her family in early 2020 she has taken active part in local exhibitions and community projects in the Huon Valley. Anna has participated in the “Insideout” Art Box exhibition, Geeveston Art Show, Huon Arts Exhibition, “Ignite’ show in Kingston, “October Reflections” in Franklin, HAEG Portrait Exhibition and the Dover flower show. Her works are also on permanent display at the Dover Museum.

Anna’s artwork is inspired by the local landscape, history of the Far South and delicate Tasmanian flora. Working mostly with water based media she likes to work fast following the footsteps of French impressionists. The movement of the trees in the wind, the contrast light of the sunset, subtle colours of the bush and unique shapes of native plants is what sets off the inspiration for her paintings.