I have always enjoyed being creative in many forms, from playing and recording my own songs, configuring historical exhibits, to painting.  It was during my hobby of card making, whilst experimenting using different mediums, I ventured into producing something on a larger scale using paint.  That painting also just happened to be my first sale, and filled me with such elation and confidence to continue.  I am forever grateful to my first customer Josi.
The mental therapy that is gained through the creative process is quite cathartic.  The word ‘cathartic’ in itself, contains the word ‘ART’, just letting go and having a go!  This mantra is repeated through the support of local established artists such as Shirley, Jillian and John, that there is now a very vibrant art community.  The Geeveston Art Show has been an invaluable outlet in providing a unique opportunity for local artists to showcase their work.  Many thanks to all the organisers and supporters!