Ross Patston-Gill, Mikkris House

Ross Patston-Gill has been working with timber for over 30 years. He is a woodturner, teacher, sculptor and enthusiastic dendrochronologist.

Working with Tasmanian timbers from ancient forests, he crafts unique pieces that capture the essence of the history these forest giants have witnessed.

Acknowledged as a master craftsman for his hollow forms and translucent turnings, this award-winning artist has been sharing his skill through teaching for over 20 years.

With a deep passion for the timber he works, Ross splits his time between teaching, functional turning, and one-of-a-kind arts pieces. The teaching provides him with the opportunity to nurture the next generation of woodturners and mentor those that have come to the craft later in life’s journey. His functional turning provides pieces made from reclaimed timber that may have once stood in a stately garden or public park. These items have a rich history and meaning to the places and people who “knew” these trees.

Ross’s art works are fastidiously crafted from ancient Tasmanian timbers that have stood for hundreds and in some instances thousands of years. He undertakes extensive research into the age and location of the trees he works, many collected by his own hand after clear-felling of ancient forests in less enlightened times. No two pieces can ever be the same with each a portal into the past and acting as a lesson into the future of the fragility of our forests